SKYi Services

SKYi Services is our in house endeavour to provide easy, convenient and quick access to a range of services related to different aspects of your home and lifestyle. We provide legal and financial services that are designed to address your pre and post home purchase needs. We also provide a panel of qualified personnel to help you with the various aspects of buying, renting or selling your home in addition to the everyday maintenance of the house.

Your one point contact for rental & resale for all SKYi Properties.

We will help you identify prospective tenants and buyers, complete the legal and financial due diligence, draw up and process the relevant documentation etc. Our team will also conduct timely checks of your property on your behalf and assist you in its maintenance and upkeep.

Our legal team will help you in legal due diligence, drafting & execution of agreement to sale, power of attorneys, leave & licence etc.

We will help you get lowest home loan rates, customised payment plans & quick approvals from top approved banks/finance institutions of the country.