• We deeply value our Channel Partners and intend to create profitable partnerships with individuals and companies to achieve our business goals.
  • SKYi Developers is committed to deliver ‘thoughtfully designed homesTM‘ across a diverse portfolio of Apartments, Row-houses and Villas.
  • We have 200 acres of development in progress, 1400+ homes delivered in the last 2.5 years, with a strong presence across the Value, Premium and Luxury Segment.

SKYi Partner Privileges

Dedicated Channel Partner team

  • A razor sharp focus to ensure the success of our channel partners
  • Regular one on one meetings with our partner teams to provide project, product, price and scheme updates
  • Provide all updated marketing collaterals to assist in sales including brochures, dockets, videos etc in print and digital formats
  • Provide all assistance in closing channel partner deals
  • Two-way feedback mechanism to ensure a mutually beneficial association

Best in class Customer Experience

  • We deliver a best in class customer experience to all our customers
  • Show flats of all our projects on site give our customers a firsthand experience of their home
  • Customer visits to show case the quality of finished homes adds to their confidence
  • A state of the art infrastructure on site ensures a seamless experience for our customers

Rewards & Recognition

  • A structured reward and recognition program
  • A strong emphasis on rewarding and recognizing the efforts and achievements of our partners
  • Monthly felicitation of our partner achievements through the wall of fame and the quarterly reward program

Training from SKYi

  • A planned monthly training calendar on site and off site ensures our partners are always equipped to sell the SKYi portfolio
  • A dedicated training channel on YouTube with access to all project content

SKYi Connect Event 2018-19