iris Bavdhan

Located in Bavdhan Pune, iris consists of 2 BHK, 3 BHK Compact and 3 BHK apartments. With 80 apartments in 10 storey towers, iris is spread over 2 acres of land.

Homes that are an integrated mix of space, ventilation, safety and security. iHome ensures importance of introducing daylight and fresh air to your homes. Create a healthy indoor climate where you and your family can live more comfortably. iHome provides a great way to create extra space.

Making light work for you

Great things can happen when we incorporate light into our home designs. Natural light is the key. More than any other element, its many moods and variations can affect the way we feel about where we live.

Room to breathe

Fresh air is a vital ingredient for our health and well-being. The most comfortable home is one that ‘breathes’ naturally, letting fresh air in and stale air out, making it a healthier, more pleasant place to be.

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