SKYi: Real Estate Developers in Pune

A company with more than a decade of experience in real estate development. SKYi has defined the very essence of fine living in Pune. We have built over 4 million square feet of thoughtfully designed homes that house over 4000 happy families and over 4 million square feet are currently under development.

Established in 2004, SKYi is one of the premier real estate developers in Pune. The group is currently developing over 4 million square feet of prime real estate. The Group's tremendous success has been marked by financial investments from the finest investors, including TATA Capital, ICICI Ventures, HDFC, Motilal Oswal and more.

Residential Developments

Apartments, Villas and Plots

Landmark developments

since 1995

4000+ homes


4000+ homes

under development

Commercial Developments

Shops, Offices and Showrooms

4 Million square feet


4 Million square feet

planned development

10 locations

in Pune

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SKYi Songbirds Project

SKYi Environment Initiative

SKYi Sustainable Homes

SKYi Thoughtful Urban Planning

SKYi Songbirds - Mee Pakshi Vedha

Credible Team

Salil Ranadive

Master planner and architect

Sameer Divekar

Green & sustainable design

Gong Thanapong Boonyasiriwat

Landscape architect

Amit Ghate and Santhosh MP

Master planner and architect

Lee Honkit

Elevation design

Manasi Karandikar and Ketaki Ghate

Ecological research

SKYi Services

Your one point contact for rental & resale for all SKYi Properties.

Our legal team will help you in legal due diligence, drafting & execution of agreement to sale, power of attorneys, leave & licence etc.

We will help you get lowest home loan rates, customised payment plans & quick approvals from top approved banks/ finance institutions of the country.